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Apply Below For SOMA Breath Instructors Global

You must be a SOMA Breath Instructor to access SOMA BIG. Please use the same email address that we have on record for you in this application form.

**Applications will be reviewed and responded to within 48 hours**

What Do You Get As A BIG Member?

SOMA Breath Instructor Global is a monthly membership program created to give you ongoing support and tools for success. With access to SOMA BIG, you'll teach sooner, feel confident faster and never feel alone in your SOMA journey.

  • License To Teach Indefinitely

    Your Awakening Instructor Training gives you an instructor license for 1-year, but as a SOMA Instructor Member, your license will never expire. We want to make sure our instructors are active and up to date with the latest science and techniques so as part of this membership you get access to continued education to ensure this is the case.

  • Monthly Music + Content

    You'll receive fresh content every month so that your students always have something new to look forward to in your classes.

  • Marketing Tools

    Marketing trainings, SOMA branding and personal listing on our website to promote yourself and your classes.

  • Community Support

    Connect with a community of new and experienced SOMA instructors from all over the world.


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